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In Salah

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The hungry sand dune

In Salah, Algeria

In Salah, Algeria

In Salah sounds like a real bedtime story. A sand dune is creeping over the town, cutting it in two halves. While it slowly eats up buildings at one end (it takes 10- 20 years to cover one house), a house is uncovered at the other.
As soon as a house is left in the open after half a century under sand, the grand children of the original owner takes the effort to bring the house back to good condition, and then they move in. Hopefully after moving out of a house on the advancing side of the sand dune.
In Salah is a very nice red Sudanese style oasis out here in the middle of Sahara.

Eat and Sleep
Eating is OK, but drinking water here is of very bad standard, and bottled water difficult to come across. It's only one hotel in the place, of medium quality and not to cheap. Budgeters can save money in one of the two camp sites.

Air flights to most of Algeria. Buses going north and south. Shared taxis run the shorter stretches than the buses, but also in northern and southern directions.

Going Next
300 km north: El-Golea
400 km south: Tamanrasset

By Tore Kjeilen