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Abadan along the Shatt al-Arab. Iran. Photo: Dean Conger/CORBIS.
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City in Iran with 330,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate). Situated in the south-western corner of Iran, on the island of Abadan, that lies in the river of Shatt al-Arab.
The economic base of the city is petroleum refining and shipping. Oil is transported from the Iranian oil fields in the north, through pipelines, to Abadan.

1847: The Agreement of Ezerum transfers Abadan from the Ottomans to Persia.
1908: Oil is discovered near Abadan.
1913: Abadan becomes the centre of oil refining for Persia.
1980-88: Much of the Iran-Iraq War is staged near Abadan, principally because the city's oil resources represent great wealth.

By Tore Kjeilen