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Persian: ahar

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Ahar, Iran
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Tomb of Shaykh Sehab.

Town in northwestern Iran with 90,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), in East Azerbaijan province. It is located along as green and fertile mountain valley, to its north is the Aras river.
The climate has moderate summers, plenty of rainfall and snow in winter.
The economy of Ahar is based upon agriculture, animal husbandry and carpet and gelim weaving. The town has simple institutions for higher learning, but no universities.
Ahar is a small but interesting historical town. Its main sights are the tombs of Shaykh Sehab and Shaykh Emad ed-Din.
Tabriz is 95 km southwest.

1155: Ahar emerge as the capital of the Pishteginid dynasty, ruling a small region.
1231: Fall of the Pishteginid dynasty.

By Tore Kjeilen