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Flag of LibyaLibya / Cities and Towns /
Arabic: ajdābiyyah
Other spelling: Agedabia

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Ajdabiya, Libya.
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Ajdabiya, Libya.
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City in northeastern Libya with 150,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), in the border zone between Cyrenaica and the Sahara.
Ajdabiyya's economy is based on agriculture, transportation, for which the city is an important hub, and regional administration. Ajdabiyya is traditionally a market place for trade with the Sahara, which it some degree still holds.
Ajdabiyya is well-connected with other urban centres by road.
Ajdabiyya's main landmarks are an 10th century mosque and a Roman palace fortress.

Ajdabiyya was in Roman times known as Corniclanum.
10th century: Sacked by the advancing tribe of Banu Hillal.
1917: Becomes an important Sanusi administrative centre.
1920: As the Sanusi leader forms his own state, Ajdabiyya becomes his capital.
1923 April: Conquered by the Italians, aiming at destroying the Sanusi.

By Tore Kjeilen