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Arabic: akhmīm
Other spelling: Ekhmim

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Meret Amon, Akhmim, Egypt.
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Meret Amon, Akhmim, Egypt.

Akhmim, Egypt.
Akhmim, Egypt.

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City in Egypt with 120,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the east bank of the Nile, across from the city of Sohag.
Akhmim is both an agricultural and a manufacturing centre. Agricultur produces cereals, sugarcane, dates and cotton. Akhmim's manufacture produce textiles, clothing, pottery and bricks. Akhmim is especially noted for its weaving traditions, which goes 3-4,000 years back in time. Many pharaohs were buried in shrouds of the finest Akhmim fabrics.
Akhmim's great ancient past is slowly being revived. As yet, only the imposing 11 metre high limestone statue of Meryut Amon is been unearthed with a little bit of its surroundings. Meryut Amon was said to be the daughter of Ramses 2, later his wife. Not far away, the roof of a temple can be seen, with the rest underground.
Akhmim has a large Christian Coptic minority.
The god revered at Akhmim was Min, which probably was part of the pharaonic name Khent-min.

The history of Akhmim goes back to the middle of the 3rd millennium, when it was an important regional town. Akmim was by the 16th century geographer Leo Africanus called the "the oldest city in Egypt."
1981 CE: The limestone statue of Meryut Amon is discovered by accident during construction.

By Tore Kjeilen