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Anti-Lebanon Mountains
Arabic: jibāli lubnāni sh-sharqiyyaPlay sound

Anti-Lebanon Mountains

Mountain range of Lebanon and Syria. Together with the Lebanon Mountains, it defines the geographical boundaries of the modern state of Lebanon.
The length is approximately 150 km, and the highest mountain peaks are Mount Hermon at 2,814 metres, which is counted as the range's most southern point, and Ta'a Musa at 2,669 metres.
The border between Syria and Lebanon is to a large extent defined by the mountain range, and has been drawn along the crest of the mountain range. To the north, the mountain range begins at the level of the Syrian city of Homs. To the west of Anti-Lebanon lies the Bakaa Valley, which divides it from the Lebanon mountain range. To the east lies the Helbun Valley with the city and oasis of Damascus.

By Tore Kjeilen