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Arabic: ¢ar¢ar

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Ar'ar, Saudi Arabia.
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Ar'ar, Saudi Arabia.

City in northern Saudi Arabia with 160,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of the Northern Frontier region with 305,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate) and an area of 112,000 km². It lies at an elevation of 560 metres on a vast rocky limestone plain.
Agriculture and livestock raising are together with the miliary the main employers in Ara'r. Crops include alfalfa, dates, fruits and vegetables.
The climate of Ar'ar is extreme, summers can be scorching and during winter, temperatures may drop below zero Celsius. Every now and then, snow falls in winter.
Ar'ar is well-connected with other urban centres by highways and a domestic airport. Riyadh is 1,100 km southeast and the border to Iraq is 60 km north-east.

1951: With the construction of the Trans Arabian Pipeline (Tapline), Ar'ar is established in a region of nomads. The settlement was an oil pumping station with only basic amenities.
1968: An ancient city is discovered 30 km from Ar'ar.

By Tore Kjeilen