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Bahr Yousef Canal
Other spellings: Bahr Yussef

In Egypt, canal 250 km long, at Dairut diverting water from the Ibrahimiyya Canal, which again gets its water from the Nile river. The Bahr Yousef ends at Fayoum oasis, emptying into Lake Qaroun.
The canal goes back to pre-historical times, being a natural part of the Nile river system. The canal runs far from the Nile, up to 15 km to its west. Its stretch is meandering, causing its actual length to far exceed 250 km.

Around 1780 BCE: Amenemhet 4 orders improvements to the Bahr Yousef, effectively creating the Lake Moeris, today known as Lake Qaroun.

By Tore Kjeilen