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Berber religion

Religious traditions among Berbers. The traditions are today largely replaced by Islam, but many Berber cults still exists in one shape or another among a substantial minority among Berbers. Especially in Algeria, older cults survive to varying extents.

Berber religion has the structure of polytheism, although never formalized beyond local cults. Berbers could adhere to one of a few of the several gods of the Berber pantheon.


God of war, represented by a head of bull at the Luwata nomads. This same god is taken by Dihya in her battles against the Arabs.

God of unclear capacities. The name is from Edder, meaning "to live", and a variation of the name is Baliddir, meaning "the alive God". The latter is constructed fomr the Phoenician word Baal, meaning "god" or "lord".

Iguc; Iyuc
Male god of the rain at Berghwata, Morocco.

Male god synonymous with rainwater. Related to the Tuareg god, Illu.

Male god influenced by Punic religon.

Ifru; Ifri; Africa
Goddess related to qualities of regulating, solving and sorting. She was included in the Roman pantheon.

God among the Amazigh, related to Punic religion.

War god among the Luwata.

Other gods
Among other Berber gods are: Nabel; Suggan; Tililwa; Warsisima; Warsutima; Wihinam; Yam; Yukus; Yunan; Yur.

By Tore Kjeilen