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Bint Jbeil
Arabic: bint jubayl
Other spellings: Bent; Jbail, Jbeyl, Jbayl

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Bint Jbeil

Bint Jbeil, Lebanon
Bint Jbeil, Lebanon

Photos: Waddah Joumaa (top) and Hussein K. Dabaja (lower)

Town in southern Lebanon with 20,000 inhabitants (2006 estimate).
Bint Jbeil is the centre of an agricultural region. It has fair connections to other urban centres of Lebanon.
The population is predominantly Shi'i Muslim, and many Hizbullah activities are staged from it.

1985: Comes under Israeli occupation.
2000: Israel withdraws, and Bint Jbeil comes under Hizbullah control.
2006 July: During the Israel-Lebanon Conflict 2006, battles are fought over the control of Bint Jbeil between Hizbullah and Israeli forces, being considered of strategical importance for southern Lebanon.

By Tore Kjeilen