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Blida, Algeria.

Blida, Algeria
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Blida, Algeria.

Blida, Algeria.

City in north-central Algeria with 260,000 inhabitants, situated inland from Algiers, at the base of the Tell Atlas Mountains, on a tributary of the Cheliff river.
It is the capital of Blida province with 880,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) and an area of 1,696 km².
The economic base for the city is formed by trading activities for the surrounding region, including citrus fruits, tobacco, vegetables, wheat, building material, flour and olive oil. There is also cork and cedar tree production. The region of Blida has some vineyards. Hydroelectric power is produced at nearby facilities.
Blida is well-connected with Algiers, 40 km northeast, as well as with many other urban centres. One of Algeria's most active railway lines runs north of the city.
Blida retains its French centre, but the main site is the 16th century mosque built by the command of the Barbary pirate Barbarossa 2. Blida has kept much of its original city walls and its 6 gates. The city centre is the Place d'Armes with its arcaded houses and shading trees.
To the south lies the ruined Fort Mimich. Further south lies a mountainous region with the mountain and ski resort of Chrea and the Chiffa Gorge.
Blida has a university.

The area was the site of a Roman military camp.
1553: Founded by Muslim refugees from Andalucia.
1825: Destroyed in an earthquake.
1838: Occupied by France.
1867: Destroyed by an earthquake.
1996: Centre for a number of actions from GIA, which have caused the deaths of a large number of civilian victims.

By Tore Kjeilen