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Other spellings: Bojnourd; Bojnord; Bujnurd; Bojnoord; Bujnurd

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Bojnurd, Iran

Mofakham Mirror House.

Bojnurd, Iran

Another view of Mofakham Mirror House.

Bojnurd, Iran

Park outside Bojnurd. Photo: Sadaf Jahed.

City in northeastern Iran with 190,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of North Khorasan province with 810,000 inhabitants (2006 estimate) and an area of 28,434 km². It is located to a well-watered plain, at an elevation of 1150 metres, in between barren mountains.
The city is well-connected to other urban centres by highways, Mashhad 250 km southeast, Teheran 700 km west. There is a national airport immediately northwest of city centre.
Bojnurd is the city of many ethnic groups, all preserving their original languages and identities. Here lives Shadilu Kurds, Turkmens, Persians and Tats. Relations between the groups are largely peaceful, but there have been recent conflicts between Kurds and Turkmens.
Bojnurd economy is based upon agriculture, rice being a central product. Horse breeding is an activity with a long tradition here. Among modern industries is a cement factory and a petrochemical factory.
Bojnurd lies immediately east of the Golestan National Park.
There is a university, the Islamic Azad University Of Bojnurd.

1997 February 4: Earthquake in Bojnurd, killing more than 70.

By Tore Kjeilen