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Flag of LibyaLibya / Cities and Towns /
Arabic: 'al-burayqa
Other spellings: Brega, Marsa al-Burayqah

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Brayqa, Libya

Town in northeastern Libya with 45,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the Gulf of Sirte, in the border zone between Cyrenaica and the Sahara.
The local economy is based upon the oil industry, there is a refinery and a natural-gas liquefaction plant here, making it the major petrochemicals centre of the country. Brayqa had a new shipping port developed in 1960.
Brayqa is well connected with other urban centres of Libya, by the coastal highway connecting Tripoli with Benghazi and Cairo in Egypt.
Brayqa is unusual in Libya, with its centre being made entirely of prefabricated elements. Around town, trees have been planted to hold sand back.
Brayqa has a technical training school.

1960: A new port is constructed here, as well as a whole new town.
1961: Oil is begun to be exported from Brayqa.
1977: An ammonia-processing plant is opened.

By Tore Kjeilen