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Other spelling: Buraimi
Arabic: 'al-buraymiyy

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Buraymi fort

Burami fort.

Town and oasis of northwestern Oman with 70,000 inhabitants (2007 estimate), on the border to United Arab Emirates. It is the capital of the new governorate of Buraymi, which was in 2006 split from the Dhahirah region, with 100,000 inhabitants (2007 estimate) and an area of 7,500 km².
The oasis proper includes the city of Al-Ain on the UAE side of the border. The town of Buraymi is by far the smaller of the two, and Al-Ain is the centre of this region. New policies involving strict border control has promoted the need to develop independent structures for Buraymi, but many Emirates rented villas and apartments in Buraymi that now is largely unpractical to own. Buraymi remains visibly less affluent than Al-Ain.
Buraymi has a two forts, Al-Khandaq is supposed to date back to the 16th century.

Around 600: Comes under the Omani tribe of Azd.
Early 20th century: Joint governance between the An-Nahayan family of Abu Dhabi and the Omanis is established.
1966: Border between Oman and Abu Dhabi is demarcated.

By Tore Kjeilen