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Chott el-Jerid
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Chott el-Jerid

Nefta Tozeur Kebili (from travel section) Douz (from travel section)

Chott el-Jerid
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You cannot really "see" the salt lake, you're just "in" it for good healf hour ride.

Chott el-Jerid
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Salt extraction is only a small industry in the Jerid.

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Chott el-Jerid, dry salt lake
Chott el-Jerid, emptiness

Salt lake in Tunisia, with a surface area of 5,000 kmē.
Most of the year the Chott el-Jerid holds little or no water, and can be crossed by foot or by vehicles. During these periods, the chott is cut by small creeks, transporting surplus water from the rainy season.
The chott has little economic importance, as its water is salty, and the immediate surrounding land, thereby, prevented from agricultural development. All settlements along the chott are located at a distance from the shore. There are no fisheries in the chott, it being dry most of the year.
Some of the most prosperous oases of Tunisia, Tozeur, Nefta, Kebili, Douz, and Zaafrane, are located along the northern and southern shores of the chott.

By Tore Kjeilen