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Druze elders from the Golan Heights (officially Syria, but occupied by Israel).
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Druze bride. Ca. 1890.
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Druze by country
Last column: % Druze of the population
Israel 120,000 1.6%
Jordan 15,000 0.2%
Lebanon 210,000 5.7%
Syria 300,000 1.7%
650,000 0.1%
Other countries: 75,000

*) Calculated for the total population of North Africa and the Middle East, approx. 460,000,000.

The Druze are identified as a people, due to their religion, the Druze religion. As ethnic group they do not distinguish themselves from neighbouring peoples, and attempts into identifying their ethnicity, recreate a combination of Arab and Aramaic ancestry.. In Syria they are distinguished from the Arab majority as group itself; in Israel as a sub-group of Arabs; in Lebanon and Jordan as an integrated part of the Arab population.
Druze speak Arabic without a distinguishable dialect from neighbouring peoples.

By Tore Kjeilen