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Other spelling: El Fasher
Arabic: 'al-fāshir

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Al-Fashir, Sudan
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City in western Sudan with 290,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of the Northern Darfur state with 2.1 million inhabitants (2008 estimate) and an area of 296,000 km². It is located at an elevation of 700 metres.
Historically, Al-Fashir is a caravan post, the starting point of the Forty Days Road (leading to Egypt) and is now a trade centre for regional agriculture, which specializes in cereals and fruits. In earlier days, salt was an important commodity here; this trade is still operative.
It is connected to other urban centres with mediocre roads, Nyala is 200 km southwest.
The palace of the Fur sultan is the main sights of Al-Fashir.

Late 18th century: Al-Fashir becomes capital of the Fur Sultanate.
1916: The Fur Sultanate comes to its end.
2000's: Darfur conflict, Al-Fashir becomes centre for much of the aid provided for the refugees, causing economic growth.

By Tore Kjeilen