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Salam Fayyad
Arabic: salām fayād

Salam Fayyad

(1952-) Palestinian prime minister since 2007, handing in his resignation March 2009. He has effectively governed only the West Bank. Gaza Strip is governed by Ismail Haniya, who also uses the title of prime minister of Palestine.
His position as prime minister contradicts Palestinian law, which require thes approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council for the appointment of a new prime minister. Information also suggest that most Palestinians do not consider him a legitimate prime minister.
He is considered pro-Western, and has been expressive about the need that Hamas recognizes Israel. Still, he is well respected across the Palestinian political spectre.

1952: Born in Deir al-Ghusun, then Jordan (now West Bank, Palestine).
1980: Graduates from St Edwards University, Texas, USA, in economics. He begins teaching at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.
1987: Begins working for the World Bank.
1995: Becomes the Palestinian representative for the International Monetary Fund.
2001: Appointed Finance Minister of Palestine.
2006: Resigns as Finance Minister, and is elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council.
2007 March 18: Appointed Finance Minister again.
June 15: Following Hamas takeover of Gaza Strip, President Mahmoud Abbas appoints him Prime Minister. With this, a definite administrative split of Palestine is effective.
2009 March 7: Resigns as prime minister, remains temporarily in office.

By Tore Kjeilen