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King Fu'ad 1
Arabic: fuw'ād

King Fu'ad 1 of Egypt

(1868-1936) Ruler of Egypt 1917-1936 (Sultan 1917-1922, king 1922-1936).
Fu'ad's reign was instable. His strongest opponent was the very popular Wafd party, with its leader Saad Zaghlul. But while fighting against very popular political parties, Fu'ad succeeded in remaining fairly popular among the Egyptians.

1868 March 26: Born in Cairo, Egypt as son of Ismail Pasha.
1880s: Fu'ad gets his education in Italy.
1892: Enters the Egyptian army as general.
1895: Leaves the Egyptian army, and embarks on a career with the Egyptian administration.
1917: Fu'ad becomes sultan of Egypt, succeeding his brother, Hussein Kamil.
1919: The British take an initiative for drafting a treaty to ensure independence for Egypt. In the next years, many disagreements surface through public debates on what the talks with Britain should cover. During this period the Wafd party is the strongest group in the society.
1922: After years with no conclusion to the talks, the British declare unilaterally, Egypt's independence, and Fu'ad becomes king.
1923: Fu'ad introduces a new constitution.
1930: He dissolves the Parliament, and reintroduces the old constitution in an attempt to bring stability to Egypt.
1931: New elections result in a mixed parliament without the dominance of Wafd.
1935: The constitution of 1923 is restored.
1936 April 28: Dies in Cairo, and is succeeded by his son Faruk 1.

By Tore Kjeilen