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Also called: Fula; Fulbe

People of West Africa counting 27 million (2009 estimate). In Mauritania they count about 250,000 (2009 estimate).
The Fulani are closely related to the Toucouleur, the two groups speak the same language; Pulaar.
Fulani livestyles are varied, ranging from including the nomadic to semi-sedentary pastoralism; and trading. The main livestock are cattle, goats and sheep.
The Fulani have distinct customs of clothing; women wear long colorful flowing robes, and turbans on the head. They are noted for using henna around the mouth, resulting in a blackening around the lips. Fulani men use long robes to the lower calves with trousers of cotton. Herdsmen wear a distinctive conical straw hat and a turban.
Fulani houses are noted for the changing of roof depending on season: a dome during the dry season, reed mats during the wet season. Domes help keep indoor temperature down, reed helps water quckly off the roof.

By Tore Kjeilen