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Mohamed Ghannouchi
Arabic: muhammad 'al-ghannūshiyyPlay sound

Mohamed Ghannouchi

(1941-) Prime minister of Tunisia since 1999.
He has been considered a popular figure in the government, even though being one of the closest allies of President Ben Ali. Many have considered him being very much Ben Ali's puppet.
Since the fall of President Ben Ali he left the dominant party, RCD, becoming independent, which is interpreted as the last move of a man attempting to survive anywhere.

1941 August 18: Born in Sousse.
1975: Becomes director of General Planning.
1988 July 26: Appointed Minister of Planning.
1989 April 11: Appointed Minister of Planning and Finance.
1990 March 3: Appointed Minister of Economy and Finance.
1992: Becomes Minister of International Cooperation.
1999 November 17: Appointed Prime Minister.
2011 January 14: Assumes the office of president following Ben Ali's escape from Tunisia, but within hours, Fouad Mebazaa replaces him.

By Tore Kjeilen