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Flag of LibyaLibya / Cities and Towns /
Arabic: gharyān
Other spellings: Garyan, Garian, Ghryan

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Gharyan, Libya.

Gharyan, Libya.

Traditional troglodyte dwelling of Gharyan, LIbya.
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Traditional troglodyte dwelling of Gharyan, Libya.

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City in northwestern Libya with 170,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), at the foot of the plateau of Nafusa Mountains.
The local economy is linked to regional administration, the production of olives, olive-oil processing, flour milling, carpet weaving and pottery making.
Gharyan has good connections by road to other urban centres of Libya. Tripoli is 80 km north.
Gharyan still has a number of underground dwellings, troglodytes, once the common dwelling for the local Berbers.

1912 December: Comes under Italian control during the Turko-Italian War.
1913 July: Briefly recaptured by locals troops.

By Tore Kjeilen