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Ismail Haniya
Arabic: ismā¢īl haniya
Other spellings: Haniyeh

Ismail Haniya

(1962-) Prime minister of Palestine since 2006, heading a government of Hamas.
Among Hamas central leaders, Haniya has been considered as one of the more moderate. This was demonstrated in June 2006 when he accepted a document indirectly recognizing the state of Israel. He has never been reported to promote the idea of the destruction of Israel. He is also considered a good communicator, calm and diplomatic as well as a good listener.

1962: Born in the Shati refugee camp on Gaza Strip.
1983: Begins at the Islamic University of Gaza, where he joins the Islamic Student Bloc, which 4 years later would be central in forming the Hamas.
1987: Graduates from the Islamic University of Gaza, with a degree in Arabic literature.
1988: Is imprisoned for 6 months for uprising against the Israelis.
1989: Is imprisoned by Israeli authorities for the same reasons as the previous year.
1992: Released from prison, and deported to Lebanon together with 400 other Palestinian activists.
1993 December: Returns to Palestinian territory and is appointed dean of the Islamic University of Gaza.
1997: Haniya is appointed the assistant of Hamas leader Shaykh Ahmad Yassin.
2003: Escapes an Israeli bomb attack with only minor injuries.
2005 December: Elected head of the Hamas list for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
2006 January 15: Hamas wins the parliamentary elections, securing more than half of the seats (76 of 132).
February 16: Is presented as prime minister after the Hamas victory in the parliamentary elections.
March 29: Is sworn in as prime minister.
June 27: Haniya agrees to a document recognizing the state of Israel, largely following an initiative by president Mahmoud Abbas.

By Tore Kjeilen