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Arabic: 'al-hilla

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City in Iraq with about 540,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) lying on the Al Hillah stream, the eastern branch of the Euphrates river about 110 km south of Baghdad.
The economy of al-Hillah is based upon being a river port, and grain market.
Al-Hillah lies in an area that has been most important in Iraqi and Mesopotamian history. Babylon lies 8 km north, with Kush and Borsippa as other ruined ancient cities in the nearby area.
For Shi'i Muslims, al-Hillah is venerated as the site where Caliph and Imam Ali was assassinated in 661. There are several tombs of lesser religious importance in town.

10th century: The town Al Jami'ayn is founded on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river.
1101: A new town is founded near Al Jami'ayn. Bricks are taken from Babylon to build houses.
18th century: Becomes an administrative centre in the Ottoman Empire.
19th century: The flow in the al-Hillah stream decreases, resulting in worsening conditions for agriculture.
1913: The Hindiyah Barrage is built, resulting in more water in the al-Hillah channel.

By Tore Kjeilen