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Arabic: 'ibb

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Ibb, Yemen.
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City in southwestern Yemen with 160,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) on the Yemeni Highlands at the spur of Mount Shamahi.
Ibb's economy is based on the agriculture of its region. The region is mountainous but the rich volcanic soil is organized into terraces to allow good crops. The produce includes wheat, barley, millet, fruits, vegetables, coffee and khat. The livestock raising is also important, consisting mainly of sheep. Ibb has a marketplace for the local products, and it also has some small handicraft industries.
Ibb lies next to the highway near Mukha on the way from Ta'izz to San'a. Ta'izz is 100 km south, San'a 200 km north.
Ibb is a picturesque town, surrounded by a thick wall and possessing many tall houses. It has no less than 60 mosques. An aqueduct brings water from the nearby mountains, and small modern plants supply water to many houses.

According to Arabic stories, the history of Ibb goes back to the 1st millennium BCE.
20th century: Ibb becomes the seat of a semiautonomous emirate.
1944: The emirate of Ibb is abolished by the king.
1982: Ibb suffers from an earthquake.

By Tore Kjeilen