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Many prefer using the term "ethnic group" in place of "people". LookLex chose the last term simply because "ethnic group" will easily relate to genetic differences between groups, and similarities within. But the different groups considering themselves as one group are often bound together by history, religion, language, and within one group there may be several different ethnic groups.
There is very little research into ethnic groups, too many crimes have been committed by racial motivation. And racism seems to linger in the background in any attempt to consider groups on their ethnic similarities. Ethnic groups are therefore often considered secondary compared to language groups, and the definition of a language group is often taken as the definition of the ethnic group.
Between peoples, ethnicity is of great importance, and there are many examples of ethnic groups that share a language but have a deeply separated identity.
When all this is clarified, there are of course actual differences between people groups, ranging from skin colour, to facial characterstics, predisposition to certain types diseases and intolerance to certain types of food, to differences in average IQ. This is all attested through many researches, yet, the total quality of the work is not sufficient to pass actual judgments as to this.

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By Tore Kjeilen