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Arabic: jundūba

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Jendouba, Tunisia
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Approaching the busiest parts of Jendouba.

Town in northwestern Tunisia with 50,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of the Jendouba governorate with 420,000 inhabitants (2008 estimate) and an area of 3,100 km².
Jendouba rests on the fertile plains, at an elevation of 165 metres, where the Medjerda and Mellegue rivers join, at the southern foot of the Medjerda mountains which stretches into Algeria.
The main economic activity of the region is agriculture, specializing in wheat.
Jendouba is well-connected to other urban centres by good highways, Tabarka is 45 km north and Tunis 150 km east.
Historically, this region was important and wealthy. In modern times, the it has to some extent been neglected by the Tunisian central authorities. The historical importance comes clear with the nearby great Roman cities of Bulla Regia (tourist page) and Chemtou (tourist page).
The University of Jendouba was established as early as 1970, and is still the only one of northwestern Tunisia.

Early 20th century: Jendouba is developed into a regional centre, benefitting from the new railway between Algiers and Tunis.

By Tore Kjeilen