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Bazaar of Khvoy, Iran

City in northwestern Iran with 170,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), in West Azerbaijan Province.
Khvoi is the commercial centre of a rich farming region, which with the aid of irrigation produce cereals, fruits, nuts and sugar beets. Of industries, Khvoy has a sugar refinery, food-processing mills, a spinning pland and production of carpets. There is also a geothermal electric power-generating plant north of the city.
Khvoy lies fairly close to the highway and railway connecting Iran with Turkey.
Khvoy's main attractions is the covered brick bazaar, a caravansary, gardens and a number of old mosques. The city itself is marked by broad, regular streets.

19th century: Khvoy is fortified.
1911: Occupied by Ottoman troops.
1917: Russian troops, which had conquered it from the Ottomans, withdraws.
1940: Soviet troops occupy Khvoy.
1946: The Soviet troops withdraws from Khvoy.
1960's: Khvoy is being developed as an industrial centre.

By Tore Kjeilen