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Irrigated fields, Kufra, Libya

Irrigated fields, Kufra, Libya

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Group of oases in southeastern Libya, with a population of about 60,000 (2005 estimate).
The economic base of Kufra is oasis agriculture, as well as services for oil and water extraction plants. Kufra is made up of 5 settlements, of which Al Jawf is the largest, while Busaimah is the oldest.
The Kufra region is one of two sources of the Great Manmade River.

1840: The oasis, populated by the Tibu tribe, is conquered by the Zuwayas. The local population is converted to the Sanusi order of Sufism.
1894: When Sayyid Muhammad Ali Sanusi flees the Turks, he settles in Kufra, and Kufra becomes the centre of the Sanusi movement.
1931: Kufra gives in to Italian troops, after years of hardship and battle. The Italians build a road to Kufra, as well as a landing strip for airplanes.
1976: The project of the Great Man-Made River is initiated. This results in a shorter period of economic growth in the region.

By Tore Kjeilen