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Other spelling: Kosti
Arabic: kūstī

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Kusti, Sudan

Village-like parts of Kusti.

Kusti, Sudan

Sugar refinery plant of Kenana.

City in central Sudan with 440,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), largest city of the White Nile state but not its capital (which is Ad-Duwaym), 100 km north.
Kusti lies on the west bank of the White Nile river, at an elevation of 380 metres.
Kusti has since centuries been an important centre for river trade, traditionally reaching as far south as Malakal and Juba. In addition, the economy of Kusti is based upon agriculture with light manufacturing. Near the city is the large sugar refinery plant of Kenana.
It has fair connections with other urban centres, the Kusti bridge across the river is just a few kilometres north. Ad-Duwaym is 100 km north. There is a domestic airport.
North of Kusti is the Aba Island where El Mahdi began his preaching.

By Tore Kjeilen