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Arabic: 'al-kawt

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City in eastern Iraq with 370,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) on Tigris river, on the junction between the river and the distribution canal Shatt al-Gharraf. Close to the city, lies the Al-Kut Barrage, which distributes river water into irrigation canals.
The economy of Al-Kut is based upon the rich agriculture of the region, of which Kut is the main trade and administrative centre. Products include rice, creals, vegetables and dates.
Al-Kut is remembered from the World War 1, for the battle where the British forces were defeated by Ottoman troops.

1916 April: British forces are defeated by Ottoman troops after 5 months siege. The war results in the leveling of the town.
1917 February: The British forces recaptures Al-Kut.
1999 May: Fights between the Special Republican Guard (see Iraq / Defence) and local resistance in the region of Al-Kut.

By Tore Kjeilen