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Iranians /
Persian: lor
Other spelling: Lur

Iranian people counting about 3 million, living mainly in south-western Iran, making up a large part of the population of the province of Lorestan, with its capital, Khorramabad, as the centre. Smaller groups of Lors live in several other provinces, too.
Lors have their own language, Lori, but many Lors have Persian as mother tongue.
Ethnically they are close to both Persians, Kurds and Arabs. Their origins can most likely be traced back to the Kassites and the Medes. Lors are most concious about not being a Kurdish people.
Most Lors are Muslims of the Shi'i branch, but a sizeable minority belong to Ahl-e Haqq.
Until the 20th century, the Lors had an economy dominated by nomadic herders. Today, most Lors are settled, but there are still nomadic groups. Lori culture has a structure where the elders exercise much governance over local communities. Lori women enjoy much freedom compared to other ethnic groups of Iran.
Lors are among the most reluctant to the government of Teheran. Their regions have seen fairly little governmental investment in infrastructure.
The most famous Lor was the founder of the Zand Dynasty, Karim, that ruled Persia for the second half of the 18th century.

By Tore Kjeilen