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Mahalla al-Kubra
Arabic: 'al-mahalla l-kubrā
Other spelling: El Mahala el Kubra

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Mahalla al-Kubra

Mahalla al-Kubra, Egypt.
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Mahalla al-Kubra.

City in northern Egypt with 500,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), in the Nile Delta, along a smaller canal off the Damietta branch of the Nile. It belongs to the Gharbiyah governorate.
The economy of Mahalla al-Kubra is almost entirely based on cotton from the surrounding region. The city is one of the leading textile-manufacturing centers of Egypt with its cotton-processing plants and spinning mills. Among the factories' output are woolens, rayons, knitwear, blankets and hosiery. There are also other mills refining rice and flour, both from local agriculture.
Mahalla al-Kubra is connected to other urban centres by road and rail, Mansura 25 km east, Tanta 26 km south.

1836: Mahalla al-Kubra loses its position as capital of Gharbiyah governorate to Tanta.
1927: A large cotton textile plant is established in Mahalla

By Tore Kjeilen