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Other spelling: Maraghah

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The Gonbad-e Kabud of Maragheh, Iran.
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The Gonbad-e Kabud of Maragheh, Iran.

City in northwestern Iran with 170,000 inhabitants (2003 estimate) at an elevation 1,619 metres above sea level, in the province of East Azerbaijan, and 22 km east of Lake Orumiyeh. The region is a fertile valley below the Mount Sahand.
Maragheh is the centre of a rich agricultural region producing fruits, and exporting dried fruits.
The main landmarks of Maragheh are 5 tomb-towers from the 12th and 13th centuries. The Sorkh tomb of 1147 is one of the best examples of brickwork in Iran. Outside the city, remnants of an observatory from 1259 can be found.
Maragheh is linked by road and railways to Tabriz, 130 km north, and Teheran, 700 east.

7th century: The region of Maragheh is conquered by Arab Muslims.
1029: Conquered by the Seljuqs, who develops it into an important city.
1221: Mongols conquers and destroys Maragheh.
1256: Maragheh becomes capital of the Il-Khan dynasty ruling over most of Persia.
1828: Occupied by the Russians for a brief period of time.
1914-17: Is the site of fighting between the Ottomans and the Russians.

By Tore Kjeilen