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Marv Dasht
Persian: marv dasht

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Marv Dasht

University campus of Marv Dasht, Iran
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University campus of Marv Dasht.

City in south-central Iran with 145,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), in Fars province. It is located at an elevation of 1620 metres.
Marv Dasht is a major industrial city, with perhaps the largest factory for household appliances in Iran, a sugar factory, a petrochemical factory and leather factory. Agriculture is also of importance, producing wheat, maize, tomato, cucumber and other agricultural products.
Shiraz is 45 km south.
The population is predominantly Persian, with Turkmen minority.
Althugh Marv Dasht is a rather young city, it is located in an area with some of the most important historical cities of Iran, in particular Persepolis and Istakhr.
Marv Dasht has several education institutions at higher level, mainly as branches of other universities.

1935: A major sugar factory is established here, and around this a town emerges, attracting mainly people from nearby villages.

By Tore Kjeilen