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Masjed-e Soleyman

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Masjed-e Soleyman

Dam near Masjed-e Soleyman, Iran

City in western Iran with 130,000 inhbitants (2005 estimate), in the Zagros Mountains. It lies in Khuzestan Province.
Masjed-e Soleyman is one of Iran's leading oil centres. Pipelines bring the oil to Abadan 200 km southwest. The city also has a refinery for petroleum products.
Masjed-e Soleyman is connected by a highway to Ahvaz 150 km southwest and Esfahan 450 km east, as well as road to Shushtar 70 km west and Dezful 150 km west.

1908: Oil is discovered at Masjed-e Soleyman.
1909/10: Pipelines for transportation of oil to Abadan are built.
1980's: Masjed-e Soleyman is bombed several times during the Iran-Iraq War.

By Tore Kjeilen