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Fouad Mebazaa
Arabic: fū'ād 'al-mabaza¢Play sound

Fouad Mebazaa

(1933-) President of Tunisia since 2011.
He has been one of the longer lasting politicians of Tunisia, joining the struggle for independence at an early age.
Becoming president in 2011, the status is only interim, the Constitution states that a formal election must take place within 45 to 60 days.

1933 June 15: Born in Tunis.
1947: Joins the Tunisian resistance.
1964: Elected as member of the Chamber of Deputies.
1969: Becomes Governor-Mayor of Tunis, remains in this position until 1973.
1995: Elected Mayor of Carthage.
1997: Voted president of the Chamber of Deputies of Tunisia.
2011 January 15: Appointed interim president, following President Ben Ali's escape from Tunisia the previous day.

By Tore Kjeilen