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ME - Middle East
Bahrain | Iraq | Israel | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Syria | United Arab Emirates | Yemen |

Often also included:
Iran | Turkey |

NA - North Africa
Algeria | Egypt | Libya | Morocco | Tunisia |

Often also included:
Mauritania | Sudan |

Region of Middle East and North Africa, "MENA" is an acronym. The term is more and more used in place of "Middle East", as it includes the Muslim countries of North Africa, countries that would object to be called Middle Eastern.
Still, there are several definitions of "MENA", LookLex used one in which non-Arabic states of Iran and Turkey are added to the region of the Middle East, and the states of Sudan and Mauritania to the reigon of North Africa. Depending on point of view, the lands of Palestine and Western Sahara are included as they were countries.
MENA is defined according to quite logical borders:
  1. South and east of Europe, with the Mediterranean and Black seas as borders, together with the Caucasus
  2. North of "black" Africa, with Sahara as a border
  3. West of the Indian zone, with Afghanistan and Pakistan as border
There are two, three countries that would fit well into the histories of the MENA countries: Afghanistan, which also is dominated by Iranians; Azerbaijan, which has its largest culture lands in Iran; and Armenia, which is the last piece the kingdom which controlled much of Anatolia.
As LookLex defines MENA, there are 490 million inhabitants (2009 estimate).

By Tore Kjeilen