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Persian: miāneh
Other spellings: Meyaneh; Miyaneh; Miyana; Miyané

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The Pol Dokhtar bridge. Mianeh, Iran
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The Pol Dokhtar bridge.

City in northwestern Iran with 100,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), in East Azerbaijan province.
Mianeh is traditionally a centre for trade and culture, and has many major Azerbaijani companies are headquartered here.
Tabriz is 190 km northwest, Teheran is 440 km southeast.
Mianeh is an ancient city, dating back to the Kingdom of Media in the first half of the 1st millennium BCE. It is many sources reported as Garmrood. Mianeh has several fine historical monuments, including Imamzadeh Esmail tomb, the Tark mosque, and Pol Dokhtar bridge.

Through Mianeh's ancient history, the city passes from Media through to the Achaemenid Empire. Its inhabitants were called the Sagartians.
7th century: Mianeh is conquered by Muslim troops, and the inhabitants soon converts to Islam.
11th century: Comes under the Seljuqs and the city gradually became Turkified over several centuries, and the language became a Turkic dialect.
13th century: Mongols destroyed the entire city.

By Tore Kjeilen