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Arabic: 'an-nāsirīya

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City in southeastern Iraq with about 530,000 inhabitants (2002 estimate), about 370 km southeast of Baghdad.
Nasiriyah is the centre of a date-growing area, but many other agricultural products are produced here as well. The city's industries include boatbuilding, carpentry and silverworking.
The old parts of the town are built mainly from sun-dried brick and this part of the town is still enclosed by a mud wall. The newer parts are dominated by standard Iraqi block buildings.
Nasiriyah, which name means the Christian town, has a substantial Christian population.
The ruins of Ur lies about 20 km from Nasiriyah.

Around 1870: Nasiriyah is founded, and part of the Ottoman Empire.
1915: Captured by British troops during World War 1.
2003 March: Nasiriyah comes under control of US forces during the campaign against Baghdad and Saddam Hussein.
1999 May: Fights between the Special Republican Guard (see Iraq / Defence) and local resistance in the region of Nasiriyah.

By Tore Kjeilen