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Neyshabur, Iran

City in northeastern Iran with 180,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) lying at an elevation 1,210 metres above sea level, on the southern foot of the Binalud Mountains. Neyshabur lies in the Khorasan Province.
Neyshabur is the centre of an agricultural area producing cereals and cotton. Its industries are agricultural marketing and the production of carpets and pottery.
Neyshabur and its neighbourhood has a number of important landmarks, like several royal buildings both from Seljuq times, and earlier. Near Neyshabur lies the tomb of Omar Khayyam and the grave of the poet and mystic Faridoddin Attar.
Neyshabur is connected by road and railway with Teheran, 800 km west, and Mashhad, 100 km east.

3rd century CE: Is possibly founded by the Sassanian king Shapur 1. It becomes one of 4 great cities of Khorasan.
5th century: Neyshabur becomes the residence of the Sassanian king Yazdegerd 2.
6th century: Neyshabur starts losing its economic and political importance.
9th century: With the Tahirid dynasty, Neyshabur flourishes again.
1037: Togrul Beg, the first Seljuq ruler, makes Neyshabur his residence.
13th century: Earthquakes and the Mongol invasion destroys much of Neyshabur's infrastructure and wealth.

By Tore Kjeilen