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201-46 BCE

Ancient World /

Years BCE
Masinissa 201-148
Micipsa 148-118
Gulussa 148-145
Jugurtha 118-104
Adherbal 118-113
Gauda 113-88
Hiempsal 2 88-ca. 60
Juba 1 Ca. 60-46
Under direct Roman rule
Juba 2 29-25
Juba is given Mauretania, who would rule until 23 CE.

Kingdom in what now is Algeria. Existed from 201 BCE until 46 BCE, 155 years, when it's collaboration with the Romans led to it being put under Roman rule. Numidia regained formal status as kingdom 29-25 BCE, in 25 its king became king of Mauretania, merging the two lands.
One of the larger people groups of Numidia were the Massaesyli, who had had Syphax as their last ruler.
The capital of Numidia was Cirta, corresponding to modern Constantine.

206 BCE: At this point, Numidia is divided between two kings: Syphax of western Numidia is the most powerful and supports Hannibal in the Punic Wars; Masinissa of eastern Numidia started from this year to support the Romans, as he was losing ground against Syphax.
201: Rome wins against Carthage, and all of Numidia is put under the rule of Masinissa.
148: Masinissa dies, and Numidia is for a period divided into smaller kingdoms.
113: Jugurtha ascends to power, and puts all of Numidia under his control.
46: Numidia is put under direct Roman administration.
29: Juba 2, a close ally to Rome, is made new king of Numidia.
25: Juba 2 is granted Mauretania.
Late 2nd century CE: Numidia is made into a separate province.
4th century: Numidia is the centre of Donatism, a Christian movement called heretical by the mainstream church.
5th century: Conquered by the Vandals.
8th century: Conquered by the Arabs.

By Tore Kjeilen