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Arabic: 'ar-ramādīy

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City in central Iraq with 380,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), capital of the al-Anbar governorate, on the Euphrates river, northwest of Lake Habbaniyah.
Ramadi was established for political reasons in the 19th century, but proved vital as a stop-over on the caravan routes between Baghdad and the cities of the Levant.

1869: Ramadi is founded by the local rulers of the Ottoman Empire, in order to get control over the nomadic Dulaym tribes of the region.
1955: A dam over the Euphrates river is completed.
1987/8: Tests of a early stage radioactive dispersal weapon are conducted near Ramadi.
2005 December 1: Ramadi falls to Iraqi rebel troops, after fights with US and Iraqi government troops.

By Tore Kjeilen