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Arabic: 'ar-ramthā
Other spellings: Ar-Ramtha, Al-Ramtha

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Ramtha, Jordan

From Ramtha's Jordan University of Science and Technology.

City in northwestern Jordan with 100,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), situated right on the border to Syria.
The main economic activity for Ramtha is trade, benefitting the potential of the border zone, and nearness to the main centres of Jordan. Irbid is 20 km west, Amman 125 km south, bot connected by excellent highways. The nearest convenient airport is Amman's.
The population of Ramtha is mixed, with many ethnic groups, Palestinians, Syrians, Saudi Arabians, Yemenis and Doms. The main religion is Sunni Islam.
Ramtha is home for the Jordan University of Science and Technology, established 1986.
Ramtha has no form of tourism, although there are scattered remains of an ancient past, only specialists will be able to apprieciate this.

By Tore Kjeilen