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Rasht, Iran.
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Rasht, Iran.

City in northwestern Iran with 450,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on a branch of the Sefid River near the Caspian Sea. Rasht is the capital of the Gilan Province with 2.4 million inhabitants (2005 estimate) and an area of 13,952 km².
The economy of Rasht is based upon economic activities of the south Caspian region, producing and distributing agricultural products, like rice and silk. In addition are there industries producing processed food and soap.
Rasht is the main city for the Gilaki people.
Rasht University was established in 1977.

13th century: Rasht is first settled.
1920: Occupied by Bolshevik Russians, who set the bazaar on fire and drive many of the citizens into temporary exile.

By Tore Kjeilen