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Sebha, Libya

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City and oasis in central Libya with 150,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), capital of the Fezzan region. Sebha is the largest and most important settlement in Libyan Sahara.
The economic base of the city is administrative activities, trade, transportation and some tourism. The military is also an important employer. Local agriculture is quite diverse, producing barley, wheat, onions and dates. Sebha also has a date-packing factory and handicraft industries. Much of the town's food and water must be transported from other oases.
Sebha is an important transportation hub in the Sahara. While all is done by road or air, many old pattern still applies. Motor caravans from Algeria, Niger, Chad and even Tunisia pass through Sebha, and can even be linked directly to the Mediterranean Sea.
Sebha is dominated by white buildings, wide streets. A few sections of the old quarters still stand, with mud-brick houses and covered alleyways. The Italian Fort Elena rests on nearby hill, and is used as a military base.
Sebha has main teaching institutions is a teacher-training school.
Sebha's claim to fame comes from being the town where Libya's leader Mu'ammar Gadhafi was educated.

1943: During World War 2, Sebha is conquered from the Italians by the French.
1977 March 2: Gadhafi makes the Declaration of Sebha, in which the jamahiriyya, the state of the masses, was the defined.

By Tore Kjeilen