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Shahara by country
Figures in 1000.
Third column: % of country population
50 1.5%
Saudi Arabia
45 0.2%
40 0.2%

Arabian people originating in Oman and Yemen, counting 140,000. About 45,000 live in Saudi Arabia as emigrants.
They have their own language, which belongs to the South Arabian language family: Shehri, which is spoken by only about 30% of the Shahara.
Their homelands is the Dhofar region of Oman, in the mountains north of Salalah. The Shahara form the following tribes: Qara, Shahra, Barahama, Bait Ash-Shaik and a few of them belong to the tribe of Batahira.
The Shahara is among the least described ethnic groups on the Arabian peninsula, often omitted by scholars and not present in many statistical overviews. What group they are placed under varies, they often disappear into the larger group of Arabs.

By Tore Kjeilen