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Shahr-e Rey

Shahr-e Rey, Iran

City in northern Iran with 250,000 inhabitants (1996), about 10 km south of Teheran, of which is serves as an industrial and residential suburb. It lies in the Markazi Province.
Shahr-e Rey is heavily industrialized, augmented by being so close to Teheran. Industries produce textiles, cement, bricks, chemicals and processed foods. In addition is there a oil refinery.
Even if Shahr-e Rey represents an urban continuation of Teheran, it has its own administration and identity.
Shahr-e Rey has a number of landmarks, like the 19th century Shi'i shrine of Shah Andol Azim. The Togrul Tower from 1140 is another, and one of few parts left of the great city that was destroyed in the 13th century.

1221: The city of Ray is destroyed by invading Mongols. Most of the inhabitants are massacred. The few survivors relocated themselves slightly north, founding Teheran.

By Tore Kjeilen