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Arabic: tubruq
Other spellings: Tubruq

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Tobruk, Libya

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City in northeastern Libya (Cyrenaica) with 150,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the Mediterranean Sea.
Much of Tobruk's economy is linked to the excellent port, Libya's only natural, by which much of eastern Libya's imports and exports are handled. The port is also important for shipping oil, transported here by a pipeline from a large oil field. In addition, industries include flour milling and the production of soap.
Tobruk is well connected with other urban centres in Cyrenaica and the rest of Libya. The city lies along the coastal highway that connects Tripoli with Benghazi and Cairo.
Tobruk earned its fame through the many battles fought over the town during World War 2, reflected in the 12,000 graves in 4 different cemeteries, with soldiers from Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, France and more.

It was the site of the Greek agricultural colony of Atipyrgos.
1911: Occupied by the Italians, intending to exploit its excellent harbour.
1941 January: Australian forces conquer Tobruk from the Italians.
— Comes under German and Italian siege.
1942 June: Conquered by the Germans.
November 13: Captured by the British during their el-Alamein offensive.
—: Tobruk would become the residence of King Idris.

By Tore Kjeilen