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Index / Peoples
Also called: Tibu; Tibbu; Tebu; Tubu; Tebou; Umbararo

People of mainly northern Chad, but also in Libya, Sudan and Niger, counting altogether about 400,000. In Libya, the Toubou count about 5,000. In Sudan, the Toubou may constitute a few thousand, but there are no estimates, or indicators to make estimates from.
The term is from their own language, meaning "Rock people". Their historical and cultural homeland is that of the Tibesti Mountains in Chad.
The Toubou are largely nomadic or semi-nomadic herders, living in regions where oases, pastures and wells form the centre. There is also some activity of mining salt and natron.
There are two sub-groups, close related: the Teda, who speak Tedega; and Daza who speak Dazaga. They two languages are also closely related.

By Tore Kjeilen